Some Big Ideas to Fund Oregon's Priorities

We're exploring ways to fund Oregon's schools and other critical priorities. Will you join us?


On April 26, we filed numerous initiative petitions with the Secretary of State’s office for the 2014 election.

These initiatives would raise hundreds of millions of dollars to more than $1 billion in funding for Oregon’s classrooms and critical services by raising tax rates on large corporations. Most of these corporations are headquartered out of state, but make a lot of money here—and are essentially getting a free ride.

There’s not yet been any one magic solution proposed that can solve the problem, so we’re filing many different initiatives as a way of keeping multiple ideas on the table in case we need to pursue them. It’s very early in the process, and we won’t have a decision about what initiatives we move forward on for several months.

Right now, Oregon is tied for the lowest business taxes in the nation. Our business taxes are far below our closest neighbors, including Washington. It should be no wonder, then, that we have the third largest class sizes in the country and one of the shortest school years.

It’s no secret that our schools are hurting, classrooms are overcrowded, and senior services continue to be threatened. It’s also no secret that Oregonians believe that large corporations should pay their fair share.

Our Oregon has been on the front lines of the fight for a fairer tax system and more funding for the state’s critical priorities, like our schools and senior health care. By filing these initiatives, we’re continuing to take the lead in making sure that Oregon remains a great place to live for everyone.

Here's what we filed: