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Oregon's Forecast: Looking Up

Oregon's latest revenue forecast was released this morning and provided steady numbers of an improving economy. The forecast shows that Oregon legislators will have an additional $30.5 million in the upcoming year (as part of the 2011-13 budget cycle.)

The additional money available to the state budget may provide a glimmer of hope for Oregon's schools, senior services, and public safety programs, which have suffered reduced budgets this cycle.


The Bright Side of Life!

Let’s face it, the news today can be downright depressing. It’s important to remember that things aren’t all bad — in fact, there are some really great things happening around us all the time. Introducing, The Bright Side of Life!


GOP: Where they're going wrong

Take a quick census of Oregon's big-spending conservative institutions from this election cycle, and you'll notice quite the pattern emerging:


Local Measures: Where a 'Yes' Result May Not Result in a Yes

Last Tuesday's election results showed that Americans are excited about keeping the country moving forward, at all levels. While President Obama's re-election was certainly one indicator of the nation's mood, many important local issues were decided with the same enthusiasm and spirit.

Here in Oregon, our local results presented a voice worth hearing: Let’s invest in what matters.


Measure 84: A bad idea

Measure 84's chief sponsor admits he's not a tax attorney and he's not an estate planner. That's obvious! Because tax attorneys, estate planners, and CPAs agree: Measure 84 is a bad idea!


Look at all those heads in the sand!

A few weeks ago, we wrote this:

[A] growing body of economic research... suggests that income inequality may be the root of America's economic woes... While the conservative right will almost certainly try to denounce these findings as "bias from the liberal elitite," the truth of the matter is that the reports aren't being crafted by one party or one organization.The reports come from an array of diverse sources, including IMF, internationally renowned economists, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and dozens more.

Here's the thing -- while we predicted that Republicans would dismiss the findings, we never dreamed that they would try to cover them up.

But according to an article in today's New York Times, that  is precisely what happened.

Here's the scoop:


Worst Tax Proposals in the nation? Guess what made the list!

Think Progress took a look at ballot measures across the nation to see what sort of tax policies Americans are voting on this November.

As it turns out, almost all of them are bad ideas, designed to make taxes less equitable. And of all the bad ideas out there, Oregon has hit the top of the list.


PolitiFarce Strikes Again

In Washington, the Seattle Times got into hot water recently because the newspaper decided to give away free ads to Republican candidates. Here in Oregon, our newspaper of record has bypassed ads all together and now appears to just be using the news pages to campaign for Republicans.


Underfunded Classrooms: Sue Stinson

The latest in our video series, higlighting the Crisis of Oregon's K-12 Schools.

"What you're seeing now is a great demand for quality education, with third-rate funding."

Sue Stinson, retired teacher, muses on how things have changed over the years.


Halloween Comes Early: Who's Behind the Deceptive "Women's Voters Guide"?

Did you receive a mailing this weekend that looked like this?--->

Wondering who it’s from? No, it’s not the League of Women Voters, nor is it from any group that works on women’s issues.  It’s actually from a Republican-aligned group called the Oregon Transformation Project, which is almost entirely funded by money from Stimson Lumber.  


How closely aligned are Oregon Transformation Project and the Oregon Republican Party? It’s co-chaired by Allen Alley, chair of the Oregon GOP, and Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point). Its political action committee is run by Rob Kremer, the treasurer of the Oregon Republican Party. None of them are well known as champions on women’s issues.


Oregon Transformation Project has dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into GOP candidate races.

So it should come as no surprise that most of the “Women’s Voters Guide” endorsements are for Republicans (including Mitt Romney, Knute Buehler, and Bruce Starr), with a handful of token Democratic endorsements in seats that are safe for the Dems or are unopposed.

 It’s a pink-tinted disguise designed to give Republican candidates a boost in key races. If Twitter is any indication, it appears this trick is backfiring.

Did you receive one of these mailers? Respond in the comment section and let us know where in the state you’re located. It’ll help us get a sense of just how widespread it was mailed. We’d love to hear what your reaction was upon receiving it, too.

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UPDATE: Looks like Allen Alley has now resigned from the Oregon Transformation Project.

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