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BREAKING: Our Next Steps on the Clackamas Scandal

Before the elections scandal in Clackamas County last week, Our Oregon filed a demand under Public Records Law for Clackamas County Elections to preserve all video footage taken from the locations where ballots are processed.

We filed this demand because of the long history of voting irregularities under County Clerk Sherry Hall, who also has a record of making ideologically biased statements in public. We also filed this request because of that office’s history of keeping observers from watching the ballot processing.

Just a little bit ago, we got word from the County Counsel that we’ll be receiving those video tapes and can begin reviewing them. Because of the high stakes in this election and the high degree of interest nationwide in this scandal, we wanted you to give you the heads-up about our next steps.

According to reports, the alleged ballot tampering happened in an area not covered by the cameras. The fact that ballot processing is allowed to happen in an area shielded from cameras is itself a big problem, but the counting of the vote going forward will be videotaped and we’ll be reviewing the footage.


We Made It! November Will Be About Protecting Oregon’s Priorities

This afternoon, the Secretary of State’s office announced our Corporate Kicker for K-12 initiative has officially made the November ballot. Woohoo!

We’d like to send a big thank you out to all of the volunteers and supporters who helped us gather signatures and start laying the groundwork for a big win in November. Stay tuned, because the fun’s just starting.


Schools in Crisis, part 1

Schools in Crisis: An Our Oregon Mini-Documentary

The numbers are staggering. More than 20,000 students in Oregon were homeless in 2010. That’s more than double since 2004, and the numbers only appear to be getting worse.


A Session of Missed Opportunities for Middle Class Families

This legislative session was an opportunity to meet the needs and priorities of struggling middle-class families. Unfortunately, most efforts to protect regular Oregonians were blocked by Republican Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) and the corporate lobbyists who hold influence over him.


URGENT: Oregon Schools Need Your Help Today!

As the legislature works to bring the 2011 session to a close, a deal is being made that will have a profoundly negative impact on our schools. Lawmakers are working behind closed doors to hold money for our schools hostage to bad public policy bills. Legislators are looking to horse trade $25 million in additional school funding in exchange for bills that would:

  • expand charter schools at the same time we're being forced to close public schools all over the state,
  • revoke enrollment policies, causing more financial havoc for already-struggling districts,
  • force public schools to pay for students to attend for-profit virtual, charter schools,
  • take money out of emergency school reserves and use it to fund a private, merit-pay program.

Oregon’s teachers, parents, and education advocates are speaking out against this bad deal. We need to tell legislators that these bad policy ideas don't make sense for students and would only take money and resources out of our classrooms.

We need your help TODAY! This deal is being made NOW and your legislators and the governor need to hear from you.


Welcome to Our Oregon!

It’s clear that Oregon is facing a nearly unprecedented set of challenges.

We’re in the midst of an ongoing budget crisis (thanks a lot, Wall Street!) that is hurting our schools, critical services, and vital jobs. The political environment is threatening the progressive gains that countless organizations and individuals have fought for in recent years. And the greed of large banks and credit card companies is squeezing families and small business owners more and more each year.

But whenever we’ve faced tough challenges before, Oregonians have come together to stand up for what’s right—to protect our priorities and our values and our communities. And that’s exactly what we need to do now.

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