About Our Oregon

Our Oregon is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to fighting for economic and social fairness for all Oregonians. Our coalition represents organizations and individuals who care about a range of issues, from preserving funding for our schools and critical services to protecting the environment. (See our list of priorities for more details.)

Our accomplishments have included defeating Bill Sizemore’s many destructive ballot measures, securing the passage of crucial initiative protection bills, and bringing together an unprecedented coalition of groups to pass Measures 66 & 67. In November 2012, we successfully reformed the corporate kicker tax break and defeated Kevin Mannix's tax break for millionaires.

We hope you’ll find this site to be a valuable resource for research, news, and action on Oregon’s most pressing issues. We’d love to hear from you—email us at info@ouroregon.org with your thoughts or questions.

Our Oregon Staff


Caroline Cowley, Special Projects Coordinator


Reyna Lopez, Outreach Director


Christy B. Mason, Deputy Director


Daniel Morris, Research Director


Melanni Rosales, Communications Director


Laura Simmons, Political Director


Brandon Thompson, Minimum Wage Coalition Director


Ben Unger, Executive Director