FACT CHECK: The Oregonian gets it wrong

Once again, The Oregonian gets it completely wrong: Voters SUPPORT taxes for schools and services!

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Last Tuesday was Election Day, and while most of the races in Oregon were small, the election results gave us yet another opportunity to see the opinions of The Oregonian’s conservative, anti-progress Editorial Page creep into their news coverage.

Here’s what we mean: Oregonian reporter Michelle Brence wrote an article titled “Oregon voters reject spending money: Regional Election Results.” Based on the title alone, you’d think that Tuesday’s election results would show that voters, more often than not, rejected taxes for schools and services.

Well, the election results point to something completely different. Based on the results posted on Oregon Live (yes, that’s right, the Oregonian’s website), voters actually supported more taxes than they rejected: seven bonds and levies passed according to their own tally, while only five failed. And that’s just counting what The Oregonian reported, because of course they pick and choose what to report on. In this case, they chose to write about a tax measure that failed in Salem while ignoring a tax measure that passed in Keizer.

Hmm… Wondering why the Oregonian reported one thing while the truth was actually pretty different? It’s likely because the Oregonian’s Editorial Board and staff want the truth about Oregonians to be entirely different than reality. The Oregonian’s Opinion staff, led by libertarian Erik Lukens, imagines that Oregonians would prefer to cut taxes on big corporations and the wealthy; that we want to ignore services for the needy, lay off teachers, keep wages low, deny benefits for working families…you get the idea. They’ve even gone so far as to say that we should raise taxes on the middle class to give wealthy Oregonians a break.

The Oregonian’s Editorial Board wants Oregonians to ignore the needs of our communities. Step one in their plan is to report selectively while ignoring the facts. Luckily for us, Oregon voters want to invest in their communities. Oregon voters want investments in schools (we need them!), better public safety, libraries, fair pay, sick days for working families, and a fair tax code that ensures large corporations will pay their fair share.

We all know the Oregonian opinion page is out of touch with Oregon values. It looks like their reporting is out of touch with the facts, too.

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