The Bright Side of Life!


Just when you thought that all news is bad news, it's time for TBSL.

1. There was a time when the Willamette River earned its reputation as polluted and toxic, but that time is coming to an end! A local environmental nonprofit is celebrating a key step in the river's clean-up progress by inviting Oregonians to float, splash, and play in the river this weekend.  Willamette Riverkeeper director Travis Williams states that the river is now clean enough that  "you can swim in it, get wet, and you're going to be fine. There's no bacteria or toxic that can get to you."

2. It is prime raspberry picking season in Oregon -- check here to find your nearest U-pick farm for canning, freezing, baking, and munching needs!

3. Oregon pride time! Portland novelist Patrick deWitt made the prestigious Man Booker prize longlist for his second novel, The Sisters Brothers.

4. And now a reminder from the Carter Family to keep on the sunny side of life.

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