The Bright Side of Life


Let’s face it, the news today can be downright depressing. It’s important to remember that things aren’t all bad — in fact, there are some really great things happening around us all the time. Introducing, The Bright Side of Life!

Happy Friday, folks! Here are a few (innovative solution) stories that brightened things up around the OO office this week:

Pendleton looks to sustainable and affordable solutions for their river bank clean-up project: by hiring a herd of goats!

The future has arrived: Rosie from "the Jetsons" is here (though... still in beta form.)

Ever spent an evening looking forward to a spoonful of ice cream, only to discover that your roommate or child got to it first? Finally, there is a solution.

Who says technology has killed the book? Jennifer Egan (Pulitzer award winning author) and the New Yorker have partnered to re-introduce story serialization -- tweet by 140 character tweet.

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