The Controlling Koch Brothers, Like You've Never Seen Before


The Koch family is making headlines this week for two different reasons -- but both boil down to the same deluded presumption that the Koch family can and should control other people.

First up: Mike Elk's report on the Koch Industries' latest mailer to its workers, which threatened Koch Industries workers' future employment, should Obama win re-election this November.

The Koch brothers sent a mailer to 45,000 of their employees this month that included an anti-Obama letter, a pro-Romney letter, and a Koch-approved voter guide. (See image for their Oregon voter guide. While the Koch brothers claim they aren't affiliated with any one party, each of their endorsements is; all listed candidates are Republican.)

Also included in the mailer were barely veiled threats that should Obama be re-elected, Koch employees could probably kiss their jobs goodbye:

If Obama and other Democrats win this November, "then many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences, including higher gasoline prices, runaway inflation, and other ills" (italics mine.)

See In These Times and Gawker for more on this story.

Second up
: Billionaire William Koch, aka 'the poor Koch brother,' is being sued for alleged kidnapping and imprisonment of an executive employee.

You can read more about the suit -- in which William Koch kidnapped and interrogated an employee  -- but the real take-away is this: William Koch believed that it was his right -- not the right of the police -- to determine through any devices necessary whether an employee had committed fraud.


Two different stories, one repeated theme. We've all heard the adage that money is power -- but apparently the Koch family truly believes it and is not afraid to abuse it.


This is humerous. I've was forced to be an AFL-CIO member for 27 years. They always came out with their recommendations, and still do, in which almost all were Demoncrates. And no I didn't misspell it. They too claimed to be non-partisan. It's all about spin baby, all about the spin. I just wish people would be given real facts and allowed to make an informed decision. Instead we get defamation and twisted facts and figures. Liers figure to make figures lie. In most elections the majority of registrated voters don't vote and the ones that do are partisan to the party they associate themselves with. Can you blame them for not wanting to climb into a den of snakes to try and separate the poisonous snake from the non-poisonous one!

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