Despite Spending $5.5 Million, Measure 79 Behind By Double Digits


The Oregon and National Association of Realtors have spent more than $5.5 million on their Real Estate Transfer Tax ballot measure, but it looks like Oregonians aren't buying what they're selling.

The Defend Oregon campaign--running the No on 79 campaign--just released the results of a poll showing the measure failing by 54%-31%.

In August, internal poll results showed the measure trailing by 57%-22%. In a poll completed October 22, the measure was still behind by 54%-31%, a 23-point margin. That’s despite the $3.8 million spent by the Yes on 79 campaign between mid-August and October 22.

It seems clear that Oregonians have seen through this dishonest campaign. Oregonians are pretty skeptical about attempts to amend the constitution, especially when they’re paid for by big out-of-state special interests.

The Yes on 79 campaign’s messages have been described by the media as “inaccurate and ridiculous,” “cynical and unnecessary,” and “at best… misleading, and, at worst… flat-out lies.”

More than half of the funds for measure have come from the National Association of Realtors, with the remaining coming from the Oregon Association of Realtors.

The numbers will likely improve for the Yes on 79 campaign between now and November 6, considering that they continue to blanket the airwaves with misleading ads. The question, though, is whether their continued spending can make up for a 23-point gap.


Time for a new pollster...

Interesting... It appears that you failed to poll on the actual ballot language. My guess is this helps give the false results you were looking for. It probably wouldn't sway voters to hear that a 'no' vote would allow the state legislature to impose this tax... Talk about straight up lies and dishonesty.

This is a must NO vote. I just got back from debating 79 at Rock the Vote in Ashland at SOU. I am so anticipating all Oregonians seeing through the outright BS in the RET Ban in Constitution. We must prevail and send a message the Oregon will not be fooled.

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