Measure 84 through cartoons


Two light-hearted ways to deal with a heavy-hearted subject: Measure 84, the latest bad idea from Kevin Mannix.

First up, Meet Alice:

Second up, check out Jesse Springer's take on the Measure. As Springer explains, "Tucked into a simple-sounding "death tax" repeal ballot measure is a repeal of any tax on all "intra-family transfers", which would open the door to widespread "legal" tax evasion by wealthy families."


We love Oregon. In fact we are planning to retire there in a few years. That said, I watch with great concern that Oregonians expect to maintain their standard of living while dumping the bill on a smaller and smaller group of earners and property owners. I am happy to pay my fair issues whatsoever. Here is the rub though, why do people that don't pay taxes get to decide on my fair share? What happens when more people don't pay than those that do? In a democratic process they get to vote any "fair share" they want to make sure they get any program they want. We have a broken system in a gorgeous state. I'd like to see a 3% sales tax to expand the base. I am fine with a progressive income tax as well but trying to build the entire tax base on a small group of earners and property owners is wishful thinking. Like many, we are also looking closely at property on the north side of the Columbia River.

I would argue a million dollars is exactly what modern American society would consider rich. I believe the average American household makes $50,000. Currently my household, consisting of my wife and I, would make around 28,000 - but of course that's assuming her temp job was permanent, which it isn't. Bills are going unpaid, and you're telling me you don't want to pay your fair, obligatory taxes out of your millions? Don't give me that crap about 30% taxes.

Every American has a responsibility to pay their taxes, otherwise you end up with the current vast income gap of this nation, million and billionaires contrasted with the lower class on welfare, or worse, homeless.

Loopholes, avoidance, and corruption have gone on too long to support the upper class, and it's destroying not only the lower classes, but America itself.

40 years of working at $28,000 a year = $1.12 Million. It's not $1 million in one year

so people who have already been taxed 30% on thier earnings when they die their kids can pay another tax on money thats already been taxed to death.. get real... a million dollars now a days is not rich u can bloq through a million in 20 years at a moderate moddle class income of 4 grand a month.. sorry im not into paying taxes twice on the same earnings.. fu in ur scare tactics u just want my money for nothing

We all pay taxes on our income so we can have public schools, roads, police, etc. Not sure why you think inherited income should be treated any differently.

Because it has already been taxed for schools, police, etc. Roads are paid for by gas taxes BTW

Is there some logical reason it why SHOULDN'T be taxed on the inheritors? It is their first time "earning" it. It becomes brand new earnings when it is passed, eg, "earned" by them. People need to stop thinking "I might be a millionair" and treating the wealthy set with kid gloves. There is nothing special about them, and they need to pay their fair share.

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