“Most Inappropriate Reaction”

For us in Oregon, the tragic events in Connecticut last Friday were unfathomable, especially as it came on the heels of the local tragedy in Clackamas. We join the rest of the country in mourning all of the victims, and our hearts go out to all of the families whose lives have been changed forever.
It’s also impossible for us to ignore some of the worst responses that have come from some politicians looking to score points in the wake of the tragedy. Unfortunately, one of the worst reactions has come from right here in Oregon. 
Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) created a national outcry when he sent an email to school superintendents saying that the tragedy was “another heart breaking failure of school personnel to ensure the protection of innocent children and adults.” 
Just hours after educators in Sandy Hook gave up their lives to save their kids, Rep. Richardson was calling their heroic actions a “failure… to ensure the protection of innocent children.” 
Gawker called Richardson’s statement a contender for “Most Inappropriate Reaction” to the shooting. 
Even worse, Richardson boasts that if he had been at the school with his gun, “most of the murdered children would still be alive, and the gunman would still be dead, and not by suicide.” (See the text of his full email here.)
So how does Richardson suggest we prevent future tragedies? By putting even more guns in schools. His big idea is to arm teachers so they can engage in shootouts with criminals in the halls of elementary schools. That's the kind of scene that only works in Hollywood, or in the minds of people like Richardson.
As police officers and other first responders know, these emergencies don’t play out like the self-aggrandizing action movie fantasy that exists in Richardson’s head. 
Medford Police Chief Tim George has already called Richardson’s proposal a bad idea: “In crisis situations there are a lot of very complex things happening all at once and you have to constantly train for deadly force incidents."
"We want teachers to concentrate on keeping kids and themselves safe," George added.
Richardson, best known in Oregon for sending political spam emails to more than a half-million email addresses he got from state agencies, wants to hear from you. So send him an email and let him know what you think of his comments and his proposal to put more guns on school campuses: Rep.DennisRichardson@state.or.us


I am so disappointed in your lack of understanding about the tragic event. For a man who is to have normal skills to assist in runnning the United States of America YOU are spreading inaccurate information. You cannot back up your opinion.
You must learn to increase your knowledge base ,then make a rational comment. This comment is totally wrong.
Sharon K. Anania

If you look up 'asshole' in the dictionary, you'll see this guy's picture.

Representative Richardson is a fool.

You are the most idiotic, rude, uncaring person I have ever seen post a comment. You go beyond misinformed. These heroic staff, students and police did the best they could under the circumstances. Those who speak the loudest are usually the people with inadequate statements. I worked for a school for thirteen years. No body knows how you will react in these type of circumstances. And if control was better, a lot of these types of actions would not perhaps happen.
I am so furious with this Representative, I would love to see him impeached. What a JERK! You must support the NRA and they maybe support you?

Marilyn Smith

How can you get elected to such a position when you are such an ignorant man?

What a moron.

insensitive, ignorant and elected. there you have it!

What a disheartening lot of rubbish! How insensitive can you be towards the families of the people who gave their lives to defend those children? As any teacher would do? Shame on you Richardson, you are not representing me! Arming school personnel? Really? NO! I demand a recall of all handguns, and rapid fire assault rifles. Most importantly, put government money into MENTAL HEALTH services. These mass murderers are insane.
I hope you are not re elected.
Teacher from Tigard

Id like to see trained wepons holder as teachers to protect our children.

Personally I am worried for my kids to start Kinder garden near the middle of next year. I think secured buildings and having Plan B: plans could make a difference not more guns! Why don't we equip the teachers with a baseball bat?? I know I feel more safe with a solid bat then a gun I feel uncomfortable around when even unloaded! Teachers I'm sure the most have no interest in carrying a gun!! We could even schedule as many people in our neighborhoods to receive a psych evaluation at least once a year and suporvise those that may need medication to help them with deppression and or illnesses that could cause someone to veiw their own life so little that they would take others!! Win need to be more aware of what is actually going on around us!!

In the face of one of the Nations most horrific shootings and 20 children along with their teachers,principal and doctor, he has the nerve to imply they did not protect the students. I am sorry to say I'm a Republican at this time. How solicitous and cold to assume what he would have done. I am a combat veteran and there is no way you can arm-chair quarter back the reaction to such an awful thing. I practice and practice at the range, working on different scenarios, and that one did not come up. But you can bet the bank it will be included this week. To sum this up, it was an arrogant, self-serving dispicable comment to make and Richardson needs to apologize to his constituants as well as everyone in that state.

So, what is your solution to keep the children safe when a crazed gunman enters the building? Just curious. You did not propose a solution to a problem-

I knew this guy was an idiot before, but this takes the cake. As the father of four children under the age of seven, the thought of our educators "locked and loaded" is not only irresponsible public policy it's just plain stupid. I guess the GOP members of our legislature have more time to themselves in the minority so this is what they come up with. Richardson should go crawl back into that southern Oregon hole that he hatched from.

Another Republican Turd!

Not sure about guns in teachers hands but personnel should be trained and on hand just in case. There are a lot of trained and unemployed veterans who would be glad to make a living protecting our children.

actually Richardson was correct though I think it should have been worded the school system failed to protect students and faculty

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