The O Lowers the Bar Yet Again


No matter what your partisan persuasion, today is undeniably an historic day. President Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term, on the same day the nation is celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And yet, here's how the Oregonian decided to mark the occasion with their front page:

It's awfully reminiscent of their "Obama Keeps Job" headline the day after the election, and a mysterious "Bigfoot" noise in Eastern Oregon gets more elaborate treatment than the swearing in of the President of the United States.

Effectively, conservative publisher N. Christian Anderson III and his editors are using the front page to thumb their noses at Oregonians who voted for Obama by a 12-point margin (and who make up a majority of the Oregonian's readership). They're basically saying, "Don't hold your breath, because your hero isn't going to accomplish anything anyway."

It's undeniable that Anderson's political agenda has transformed the newsroom at the O.

There's no mention of the historic nature of the day, and Dr. King is relegated to the second page, where the primary article is about disagreements over what his famous "I Have A Dream" speech means.

A quick review of front page newspapers from around the country shows that the Oregonian's front page is far outside of the mainstream coverage. Heck, even Anderson's former paper, the right-wing Orange County Register, offers a relatively straightforward "A Quiet Beginning."

But don't take my word for it. Check out this random sampling of front pages from across the nation (images accessed from


I seriously had on my list of "to dos" - re-sign up for Oregonian (after I cancelled my subscription after the editorial in the fall asking for cuts in the capital gains tax). Guess I'll have to let that New Years Resolution go unfilled. Wish BlueOregon would work with Sockeye to launch a friendly: "How many of you have quit the Big O since 66&67 Spadea Incident".

Just canceled and told them why. Wish we had a decent paper in this town.

I was saddened by the headline this morning as well. Why would they choose to do this?

Ummm isn't Oregon blue at least west of the Cascades... Truth be told I have less and less use for the Oregonian these days... what about doing stories about Northwest issues? Until the "right" make a left turn toward reality very little of what conservatives consider news these days is worth the time and energy spent calling them out. Maybe this town needs a progressive voice.

This left me seeing red. What's the Oregonian trying to do? Run off it's customers? I certainly hope they do!!! I for one will never buy another paper from them....ever!
Annabelle Raines; for our president all the way.


Low class, the Oregonian Way™.
I'm always highly suspect to their anon "editorials" by the "Oregonian Editorial Board".
Monied interests against the people of Portland's.

I think it says a lot when my pets refuse to be seen squatting over a day old Oregonian. And mind you - neither of them are registered with either party.

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