Where’s the Oregonian on Paul Ryan’s Lies?


Across the country, news outlets have spent the last 16 hours picking apart the many lies contained in Paul Ryan’s speech to the Republican National Convention.

From the Chicago Tribune to the Washingto Post to The New York Times to—yes—even Fox News, reporters and editors are a bit aghast at how little disregard Ryan has for the truth.

Fox News contributor Sally Kohn summed up Ryan’s speech with three words: “Dazzling, Deceitful, and Distracting.”

The New York Times Caucus blog called Ryan’s statements “incorrect, incomplete or incompatible with his own record in Congress.”

So, how has the Oregonian covered his speech?

With this, and only this:

By the way, Ryan is apparently coming to Portland on September 10 for a fundraiser. I wonder if the Oregonian will be rolling out the red carpet for him.


This is one of the reasons i never read the oregonion anymore and am sure that others are also thinking the same. When our 'media' is not true and factual facts, then its not the news. Ryans budget would be a nightmare for our country and for our state. He and his partner romney plan to gut enviromental and education, plus end earned income credit, gut medicaid(thats nursing home patients) and privitize social security and gut medicare and issue vouchers

Our Oregon? Head down to Medford and see what they have to say about Obama's lies about rev wright, stimulus success, solyndra, bill ayers, cutting medicare, raising taxes on everyone, Afghanistan, post racial politics, etc etc

I hope not...I'm thinking Oregonians are smarter than to go the R/R way of social and finacial ruin...Look up what Romney did to MA as governor...Frightening

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