About Our Oregon

Our Oregon is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to fighting for economic and social fairness for all Oregonians. Our coalition represents organizations and individuals who care about a range of issues, from preserving funding for our schools and critical services to protecting the environment. (See our list of priorities for more details.)

Our accomplishments have included defeating Bill Sizemore’s many destructive ballot measures, securing the passage of crucial initiative protection bills, and bringing together an unprecedented coalition of groups to pass Measures 66 & 67. In November 2012, we successfully reformed the corporate kicker tax break and defeated Kevin Mannix's tax break for millionaires.

We hope you’ll find this site to be a valuable resource for research, news, and action on Oregon’s most pressing issues. We’d love to hear from you—email us at info@ouroregon.org with your thoughts or questions.

About Our Staff

Kate Gonsalves –  Political Coordinator

In 1996, Kate swapped her hometown of sunny Honolulu for rainy Portland (redheads burn.) A decade of hands-on organizing in multiple states helped Kate sharpen her ability to pack an entire wardrobe into one suitcase. Highlights from her campaign days include: organizing workers in Manhattan skyscrapers, conducting Civil Rights research for the ACLU, coalition building for the Wellstone Club, running political trainings at Camp Obama and graduate studies under Dr. Angela Davis. These days, Kate chiefly finds adventure on her plate. When not yakking about dark horses and lame ducks, she can be found “voting with her fork” at Portland’s numerous local restaurants and food carts. Kate joined Team Our Oregon in 2013. 

kate (at) ouroregon.org

Christy B. Mason – Deputy Director

Christy grew up in St. Louis and fulfilled her great-grandmother’s dream of going west in 1993. During stints as assistant attorney general at the Oregon Department of Justice and in private practice, she served on a number of boards, including JOIN, Legal Aid Services and Photo Americas. Her interest in politics was jump-started while investigating Bill Sizemore’s sham charity on behalf of the state.

In 2006, Christy joined Our Oregon, and she’s been working on a job description ever since. When Christy is not buying second-hand books or teaching Sunday school, she hangs out in Northeast Portland with her nature-loving husband and literary daughter, who are also impressive canvassers.

Liz McCann – Interim Executive Director

Liz is evidence that if you drag your kids to enough political events, eventually they will do something useful. After honing her skills on campaigns for progressives, LGBT rights, and anti-war campaigns, Liz came to full-time work in politics in 2004 when she became the state volunteer director for America Coming Together.

She enjoys life in Portland with a smart husband and spitfire daughters. Liz secretly harbors a fantasy that "next summer" she will have time to do some canning. 

Scott Moore – Communications Director

Scott has lived in Portland since 2004. He spent a few years as a political reporter and news editor for the Portland Mercury before making the jump into campaigns, starting with the 2008 campaign against Bill Sizemore’s destructive ballot measures.

Scott lives in North Portland with his wife, his pre-schooler, and a farm of family pets.

scott (at) ouroregon.org

Daniel Morris – Research Director

Daniel is a scientist from Portland, Oregon. A graduate of Portland Public Schools, he earned a master's degree in physics from the University of Michigan and a doctorate in public health from Saint Louis University. Before joining Our Oregon Daniel was an epidemiologist for Oregon's state public health agency, studying how inequality makes people sick. He lives in Southeast Portland with his family.

daniel (at) ouroregon.org 

Seth Purdy – Data & Targeting Manager

A life-long geek and computer enthusiast, Seth was born and raised in Salem, Oregon.  He graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in German studies and a minor in physics, which he immediately put to no use whatsoever at a computer software testing job in San Francisco. Shortly after returning to Oregon in 2003 he was inspired by Howard Dean's presidential campaign, uncovering a latent enthusiasm for political volunteering. He finally made the jump to professional political data work in 2008 and has been privileged to provide data, targeting, and technology support for progressive Oregon groups ever since.

Seth lives in southeast Portland with his wife, their new daughter, and three cats. Outside of work he enjoys consuming (and occasionally brewing) good micro-brewed beer, productively voiding warranties on technology products, building computers, and, when the time can be had, playing games on said computers.

seth (at) ouroregon.org

Jenny Smith – Manager of Field Operations

Born in Sacramento, CA and raised in Tigard, OR, Jenny registered her first voter as a senior in high school—when she registered her high school class to vote. She joined the Our Oregon team in the summer of 2010 to run a voter registration program that activated more than 20,000 new voters and managed GOTV and Voter Registration operations statewide in 2012. Jenny loves cheese.

jenny (at) ouroregon.org