Years of recession-related cuts and decades of disinvestment have taken their toll on Oregon’s schools. Instead of making public education a priority, our state has some of the largest classes, shortest school years, and lowest graduation rates in the country.

According to state’s Quality Education Commission, Oregon needs to invest an additional $2 billion in order to meet its educational goals. Here are a few areas where disinvestment have left Oregon behind:

  • Oregon would have to add nearly 7,500 educators to get class sizes down to the national average
  • An additional week of school would cost $100 million per year, but would get Oregon students closer to the national average
  • Oregon schools have deferred $7.6 billion in facilities maintenance
  • Oregon has just 1 registered nurse or certified school nurse for every 2,178 students. That’s a far cry from the recommended ratio of 1 nurse for every 750 students.

There’s no denying the research: Public education is a good investment. People with more education tend to get better jobs, earn more money, and be in better health, and education fuels economic growth. Yet, Oregon continues to fall short.